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Ludlow Gin

The original brief was to produce one overall Brand Promo, and one New Product Promo for their new Elderflower Gin. But we went a few steps further.

We analysed and evaluated the brand, and its owner Shaun Ward and suggested a shift in their target demographic to a more eccentric and flamboyant identity.
We proposed the Brand Promo would be a celebration of the man Wardington and not necessarily focus on any of the individual flavours of the gin, but embody the spirit that they represent.. in a great big gold confetti covered party!
What came after this was a massive wave of content including product promos, cocktail recipies and character lead video content to bolster the brand identity (over 40 films in total), and this launched their online sales, which exploded during the COVID lockdown of 2020.

Ludlow Gin Brand Promo

Brand Promo Behind the Scenes

Ludlow Gin Product Promo

Project X Product Promo

Teddy’s Cocktail Masterclass introduction