Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre

Exhibition Film


The Shropshire Hills Discovery Centre is an award winning tourist attraction in South Shropshire. The centre has 30 acres of meadows and woodlands to explore and has a museum and exhibition showing the history and features of the local landscape.


We were commissioned to  re produce their public exhibition film. the original was a ten minute hot air baloon flight over the landscape with Pete Postlethwaite narrating.


We used our inspire 2 drone to capture the footage and used Billy Postlethwaite (Petes Son and actor) to do the narration on the new film.

the 5 trailers we released on social media reached over 50,000 people on facebook, and was featured in local press, and on the BBC website.



On Facebook this trailer reached 10,ooo people and was shared over 70 times.


On Facebook, this trailer reached over 33 thousand people in a week, and was shared over 200 times.