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SMN Film is a creative film production studio with a passion for capturing unscripted, organic moments. Our passion for moving image is inspired by our rural location and natural surroundings, using it to inspire our work.


With the growing popularity of mobile devices and rapid development of social networks supporting video content, video marketing is gaining ground and becoming a prominent tool for engaging online audiences. Short-form and highly-interactive videos are here to stay and more social networks like Facebook are competing with YouTube to become the number one video destination. Statistics have shown over the last couple years that people are much more likely to stay on a site, or spend time on an email advertisement if there is a clip to watch. One thing is for sure. Video is King.

  • Marketing professionals worldwide name video as type of content with best ROI
  • Of ALL internet traffic by 2017 will be video
  • Of marketers use video for online marketing, communication and sales
  • Of video viewers watch more than 3/4 of a video
  • Internet users watch video online, every day
    100 Million

The SMN Creatives


 Tom Middleton
Creative Director

Tom has over 15 years experience working in professional multimedia production. Tom started his career by launching an international short film theatrical distribution company in London, as well as working for Soho based Production companies.
He has lectured in film production for Staffordshire and Worcester Universities, and has directed over 100 brand promotion films in the past 3 years. A passionate and highly skilled cinematographer, who can unearth the beauty in any subject.


Miche Parkinson

Miche Parkinson
Creative Director

Miche has an extensive professional background, working as an art director for global publishers and design agencies in London. Miche consults on branding and marketing strategy, enabling businesses to grow and expand using visual media in its best use.
This has given her a meticulous eye for detail and perfectionism when it comes to producing films, which gives SMN Film its signature look in post production and colour correction. A focused autonomous producer with consistently contemporary creative flair





Nat Eng

marl downs



What our clients say:“We were impressed by your work for a number of reasons but, most importantly, it was your ability to assimilate and empathise with the culture and ethos of our business, then to reflect that in the videos that you created.  They embodied, in just a few minutes, what we have struggled to convey in words and photographs.  They were able to show the way we work, the attitude and emotions that underpin our business and to embody those in videos that are engaging and beautifully made.”
 Andrew Knight, Herbfarmacy
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